Saturday, March 17, 2012

Landscapes Of Plantylon: Amira Caverns

One of the reasons I never really considered leaving the Aigan Fields before is the fact that Plantylon is infamous for its vast underground cave systems. Not being a night shade plant, I prefer staying above ground, exposing my shiny, green skin to the warm rays of sunlight. Unfortunately, I would have to overcome my phobia of dark, cold places to chlorophyll-fill my destiny.

Hangin' out
It's impossible to enter or make it through the Amira Caverns in one piece without mastering the skills of wall sliding and wall jumping first. And it's not only the sometimes rather spiky terrain that will hinder proceeding through the cave. In the Aigan Fields, you might come across the occasional creeping puddle of ghastly goo every once in a while, but the caves of Plantylon are practically infested with the awfully oozing slime that has a disastrous effect on my usually healthy complexion should I happen to accidentally touch it.

Ghastly goo all over the place
Green goo is outright deadly upon touching it. Orange goo, which is not quite ripe yet, has only a paralyzing effect. But being stunned at the wrong moment can be just as deadly. So where does all the ghastly goo come from? Well, watch out for deceptively beautiful flowers sticking to the walls and ceilings that will start spitting goo once you get near them!

Gotta watch my step!
The only way out of the Amira Caverns leads across a chasm and a roaring waterfall. Plants of explorative nature could certainly try to find out if there is anything of interest down the chasm, but I'd focus on getting across and finding the next Chamber Of Enlightenment. Find out in my next post what I will learn in there and where it will take me!

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