Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello world!

Welcome to Florence Face-Plant's blog

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy just around the corner, a few oddworms approached me while I was taking a sunbath in the Aigan Fields. I had just finished breakfast and having swallowed way too many super tasty super meatballs, I was slightly distracted by my digestion. I understood only half of what they explained to me, but I was all ears when they mentioned that I could possibly become the star of their new videogame. I had always been dreaming of becoming a star, dressed up in shiny, golden leaves, admired for my immaculate beauty. At that time, I could hardly imagine the kinds of pain these guys would put me through in the making of their indie game. But see for yourself in this first trailer and feel sorry for me!

So to become the star in the oddworms' indie game, I would have to find the precious golden leaves located in hidden or hard to reach places across all regions of Plantylon. Fine leaves make fine plants, and as a future celebrity, I should not settle for less than a dress made of golden leaves. Follow this blog to find out everything about my adventures and the quest for golden leaves as I disclose further details about my skills, the beautiful landscapes of Plantylon, and how the oddworms work on making my dream come true.