Saturday, March 17, 2012

Landscapes Of Plantylon: Amira Caverns

One of the reasons I never really considered leaving the Aigan Fields before is the fact that Plantylon is infamous for its vast underground cave systems. Not being a night shade plant, I prefer staying above ground, exposing my shiny, green skin to the warm rays of sunlight. Unfortunately, I would have to overcome my phobia of dark, cold places to chlorophyll-fill my destiny.

Hangin' out

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Landscapes Of Plantylon: Aigan Fields

Home, Sweet Home

Being deeply rooted in the soil of the Aigan Fields, I had never considered leaving my beloved home until the oddworms showed up that one day. Until then, I had been happy with my daily activities of  jumping exercises (gotta stay in shape!) and sliding down the slopes of gentle hills. To compensate for my average jumping skills, I would also make use of the wobbly surfaces of small jelly trees, propelling myself way up into the air, which is a lot of fun!

Up, up and away!