Saturday, March 10, 2012

Landscapes Of Plantylon: Aigan Fields

Home, Sweet Home

Being deeply rooted in the soil of the Aigan Fields, I had never considered leaving my beloved home until the oddworms showed up that one day. Until then, I had been happy with my daily activities of  jumping exercises (gotta stay in shape!) and sliding down the slopes of gentle hills. To compensate for my average jumping skills, I would also make use of the wobbly surfaces of small jelly trees, propelling myself way up into the air, which is a lot of fun!

Up, up and away!

Formidable sports for my handsome, blossoming body, but I would also need training for the mind. Somewhere in the east, there is an insurmountable wall consisting of colored blocks that can be made to disappear by activating like-colored switches according to a certain sequence. Tricky, but I hear there is a reward behind the wall for those who solve the puzzle!

Can you figure this out?
Soon, I learned that this would not be enough for the quest ahead. The oddworms told me to search for Chambers of Enlightenment scattered across Plantylon, that bring wisdom to those who dare to enter them and transport them to undiscovered regions. It was necessary, they claimed, as I would need to learn new, awesome skills to be able to traverse Plantylon and to meet the demands of players who would not be satisfied with only running, jumping and the occasional puzzle. They would not tell me who these so-called players are and also failed to mention the numerous hazards I would have to overcome in the course of my quest. But more on that in my next post.

I'm supposed to go in there?
I hope you enjoyed this little introduction to the Aigan Fields, the first region of Plantylon you will discover in my Face-Plant Adventures. Make sure to also check out the photo album and like the game on Facebook!

Aigan Fields: A strangely familiar place

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